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Fade Environment Unity asset


Fade Environment package allows you to prevent geometry clipping the camera when the camera gets too close to environment objects. It fades out pixels in shader based on distance to the camera without using transparency. To increase performance fading is done through Dithering algorithm.

Can be used for foliage (Unity Tree for example) or any other kind of objects.

Version 1.1: Added 16×16 bayer matrix to reduce banding artifacts.

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Unity Player Demo

Advanced Bullet Decals Unity asset


Advanced Bullet Decals is a system that can be used in your project to create nice looking bullet holes on complex surfaces. It comes with polling system and custom shaders for advanced bullet holes overlapping.

The main concept of the system that it takes target mesh of an object on which bullet hole should be drawn and creates another small mesh (with assigned bullet hole material on it) that mimics shape of original object in point of the bullet impact. It’s important that object on which bullet hole will be drawn should contain Collider component. If it also has Rigidbody then additional force can be applied to it.

It offers:

  • Bullet decals creation on complex surfaces including Terrain
  • Different types of bullet holes depending on surface
  • Pooling system for bullet holes
  • Advanced bullet holes overlapping by using custom shaders
  • Ability to show impact effects depending on surface

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WebGL Demo

Unity Player Demo

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Runner pack 4 in 1 is now available on Unity asset store!


Runner pack 4 in 1 offers package that you can use to learn how to create your own endless runner games. It contains 4 types of runner games: Jumper, Flappy, Jetpack and Slider. It is a simple solution of generating infinite world with terrains and obstacles and it can be easily tuned with custom world editor.

The product features:

– 4 types of runners
– Running on flat surface
– Surface can be different depending on distance
– Different types of obstacles (different shape, size and position)
– Objects generation depending on probabilities
– Ability to tune world generation and difficulty depending on player distance
– Background parallax scrolling effect
– Custom Editor scripts

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Web demo
Video preview

runner pack 4 in 1 screenshots

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