How to add Power Progress Bars to your project

After importing package you’ll be able to open progress bar selection window through menu Progress bars -> Sprite progress bars or Progress bars by selecting UI progress bars or Sprite progress bars. If you want to use progress bar in UI canvas select UI progress bars, otherwise select Sprite progress bars.

Add any progress bar to the scene by simply clicking on choosen preview icon:


Progress bars editor properties.

Progress bar sprite – main sprite.
Wrap mode – texture wrap mode, use Repeat for texture animated bars, Clamp – if progress bar is not animated and you want to avoid texture edge artifacts.
Mask sprite – texture which masking main sprite.

Knob settings – use it to create knob like this
knob-1    knob-2

    Transform – target knob transform.
    Position offset – X offset.
    Min percent – the value below which the knob will not move.
    Max percent – the value above which the knob will not move.

Text settings – use it to create text to display current progress bar value.
    Text mesh – target mesh.
    Digits after comma – determine degree of accuracy for value.
    Suffix – string added after value.
    Indication type – can be Value or Sectors. Value – its just displaying actual percent value from 0 to 100. Sectors used for progress bars like this
    Sectors count – if you use Sectors indication type, determine how much sectors needs to count.


Materials purpose.

GradientMaskMaterial – material used to create progress bars with complicated effects. Progress controlled by mask, which is typically a gray gradient. Used to create radial and any other complicated progress bars.
Use this tool to create genunie (smooth) gradient
GradientSectorMaskMaterial – used to create sectoral progress bars.
MovingBarMaterial – use it if you want your bar sprite to move instead of reveal from mask.
MovingMaskMaterial – bar sprite is in static position, revealing from the mask.
MovingMaskAnimatedMaterial – same as previous but bar texture animated by xOfsset.

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